Our History

Family business created in 2007 with the purpose of producing Organic Blueberries and Black Perigod Truffles, in a 28 hectares precoast range field precordillerano sector of the City of Lautaro, heart of Araucania region..

Jorge, my oldest son, a senior agricultural student was in charge of executing the project from its origins. He started Arantruf’s story. Different advisors whom we consulted before doing the plantation recommended us to plant at the beginning with conventional system, that is, using all kinds of chemical products until plants were around 2 or 3 years old and from that moment start to make the conversion to organic. When we proposed the idea of starting organic from the beginning, they told us that it was not right and that the plantation could not express its maximum productivity and that if we wanted to do this as a business, we would never achieve it.

Instalaciones Arantruf Chile
Arantruf Chile
Instalaciones Arantruf Chile

In 2008, the Blueberry plantations (7.2 hectares) of the Brigitta and Legacy varieties and also the Black Truffles (5.5 hectares) mycorrhized in Quercus Ilex and Quercus Robur trees begin.

We were stubborn with our idea and with a very strong conviction that it could be achieved, we did the opposite what the experts indicated was the right thing to do. We decided to plant organic, from the beginning our plants were never subjected to the harmful pressure of any type of pesticide, herbicides or agrochemicals, what ended up as organic blueberries of a superior quality and taste, that is as close as a fruit can be to being wild. It was very difficult in the beginning, to fight weeds that were very aggressive and also the existence of just a few fertilizers certified for organic use, made it difficult to consolidate our field. Thanks to our perseverance and stubbornness we never gave up and we showed that we could.

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