Circular Bioeconomy

Since 2017, Arantruf has been transitioning to the Circular Bioeconomy, we are doing it by producing and making our own fertilizers, making compost, which it is apply mainly as compost tea. Thats how we managed to reduce our fertilizer and fungicides cost an 85%, maintaining production levels, moreover, improving the quality and fruit conditions; also lowering production costs. Season 2018/2019 we make 1.000 m3 of compost., and the next season we estimate 2.000 m3.

Our compost its made 100% with agricultural waste. Row materials are cow dung from a neighbor, remains of our blueberries crop and cereals, also from neighbors, we hope that by 2022 100% fertilizers will be made by us.

Composting mainly cow dung, we are helping to mitigate the emission of Methane, because of dung produces greenhouse gases. Composting remains of cereals, we have avoid 2.000 bales burning this season, helping with less emanation of CO and NO also greenhouse gases.

We are commited to Circular Economy, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Circular Bioeconomy

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